Our Team

Your Story. Our Voice.

Every client has a story
Every outcome depends on how well that story is told
You need a skilled storyteller—Let us be your voice

Let us tell your story to the people you will leave behind
Your family and the people you love are what is most important to you

  • You want to know that you and your family are cared for and protected if something short or long term happens to you.
  • You want to make things easy and private for your family when you pass away.
  • You want to keep your family out of court and out of conflict.

 Your financial wealth is only a small part of what needs to be protected and passed on

  • I will take the time to hear your story, learn your values and what your intellectual, spiritual, and human assets are that you have spent a lifetime building.
  • Based on your story, I will empower you with clear information and choices about how we can protect you and the people you love.
  • Through the documents and tools I will create for you, and the things I will guide you to do, I will tell your story in the plan we create.

Let us tell the complete story if you’re charged with a crime
The system is not designed to hear your full story

  • Police want a confession.
  • Prosecutors want a guilty plea.
  • And the system just keeps turning.

You get one shot to make your case and tell your story to the court

  • You are more than their version of the story.
  • We will take the time to hear your story and to learn who you are and what happened.
  • We will tell your entire story so the judge and jury know the whole picture—Let us be your voice for that story.

We are a generational law firm of talented trial attorneys and estate planners. We specialize in telling your story whether in a court room or through your estate plan. We are next-level experts who train law students and other attorneys how to be litigators and estate planners.

Let us be your voice.

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